Raise high the roof

Foundation in place

South facing entrance

Gotta have electricity!

Future welcome garden

Future desk area

It’s a dream come true!

I’ve taken the plunge so watch out…Peg’s going to get making her own ART after 20 years of teaching. I’ve dabbled here and there enough to know that what I want to make will be big and heavy so something beyond the ‘kitchen table’ was necessary.

In 1981 my husband and I started to build a passive solar home ourselves and there was a trombe wall which begged for a stone mosaic…. but it never happened. We’ve wised up and are having others do the building now but they are saving the mosaic on the outside walls for ME! I’ve been gathering the stones and miscellaneous other embellishments for several years so as soon as spring hits and time allows, watch for updates on the progress.

I’ll be in touch with you!